A penny saved
is a penny earned
~ Benjamin Franklin

Transparency is
the greatest policy

Tradition offers fully transparent fee-only investment management and financial planning services. The 1% fee you see is the fee you pay, we do not collect hidden fees, and we do not receive any commissions or payments from the funds we invest in. By aligning our interests with yours you can be sure you are receiving unbiased advice free of any conflicts of interest. Access stronger portfolios, wiser diversification and a personal investment adviser for one flat fee. eMoney personal financial tool helps you get your finances and investments organized Рcalculate your assets, liabilities, and net worth; track expenses and income sources over time. See how your portfolio and retirement is impacted with different expenses, savings, and investments choices.


Fee savings calculator

Account Value After 25 Years
  • Initial Investment
    $ UPDATE
  • Tradition $333,831
  • Typical Advisor $329,641
  • Potential Savings $4,190

For the purposes of this fee savings projection we are assuming a constant 6% annual return for both Tradition and the Typical Advisor for a period of 25 years. Based on the initial investment after 25 years of growth and fees, an account with a Typical Advisor charging 1.05% (the average annual fee for a $500,000 account*) would be worth $329,641, while an account with Tradition with a 1% annual fee would be worth $333,831 leaving you with $4,190 more than with a Typical Advisor.

* Source: AdvisoryHQ Study - Average Financial Advisor Fees 2018-19

  • Typical
  • image description


We know you have a lot of options to choose from when seeking help investing your money. Here is how Tradition compares to a typical advisor.

Diversified Portfolios
Utilizes True Low Correlation Assets Providing Meaningful Diversification
Minimum Portfolio Size
Human Adviser Reviewing Trades
No Forced Cash Allocation
Strong Risk-Adjusted Expected Returns
Utilizes Active and Alternative Managers Where Beneficial
Full Daily Liquidity
Benefits from Illiquidity Premium
Access to Exclusive Asset Classes
Investment Adviser Fees
image description image description
extensive varies
image description rarely
$50,000 typically
image description sometimes
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image description sometimes
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image description varies
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1.00% 1.05%**

* Typically 60% or more is fully liquid – remainder has approximately quarterly liquidity. See full disclosure for more detail.
** The average annual fee for a $500,000 account according to the AdvisoryHQ Study – Average Financial Advisor Fees 2018-19